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May 08, 2006


Adam Smith

You are out of touch with reality. You clearly have plenty of money and dont care about the poor or working man. Instead of expanding freeways, trade and jobs you would put us back to the 1800 hundreds. How sad and foolish.


Do you ever drive on the freeways? Have you ever tried to get from Southern California to anywhere else in the state? Yes we need more!

You talk as if there are only trucks on the freeways and no one else. There are plenty of regular people out there too, but I guess your crusade against Wal Mart is too important to actually take us into consideration. Not only would freeway expansion allow me to spend more time with my family, it would also reduce pollution! Not to mention the fact that cheaper goods at Wal Mart is a benefit to the people that can't afford to shop wherever you do your shopping.

And why is it that supposed environmentalists never take into consideration the fact that having vehicles of all sorts stuck in stop and go traffic greatly increases our pollution? Expanding the freeways in LA would reduce the amount of time that cars and trucks are expelling exhaust. Reducing a 20 mile commute from an hour to half an hour would reduce the pollution by, guess what, 50%! And there are plenty of people that would be able to reduce their commutes, and the pollution they cause, by even more if it weren't for traffic congestion.

Take a minute from your Quixotic crusade against corporations to consider reality. From executives to janitors, we are all stuck on the freeways much longer than we need to be. That hurts our families, our jobs, our environment, and our economy. Our population has increased, its plainly obvious that we need to increase the infrastructure to support it.


I'm with Jake. It takes me 120 minutes to drive 30 miles. That is I average 15 mph down the 405 every freaking day.

I surely want and I think this whole city needs to do something about the freeway congestion.

California population is expected to double by 2050, mostly from Mexicans coming across the border.


I strongly believe the Californian government should consider building a double decker highway. it would ease everyday traffic jams and commuter's frustration. CTY summer 2009=]

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California population is expected to double by 2050, mostly from Mexicans coming across the border.

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